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Professional Art Research

Fine Art Investigations is a small art research company based in Long Beach, Washington, that provides professional art research to clients throughout the nation. With at least one good clue and one good image, Fine Art Investigations can efficiently and correctly identify artists of 19th century American portraits. Since its beginnings in 2007, FAI  has created a custom database of hundreds of 19th century American portrait artists and compiled thousands of images of the work of those artists. These tools, combined advanced degrees in American art history and history, outstanding research skills, and a sound, logical methodology, enable Fine Art Investigations to solve mysteries of 19th century American portraits.

Fine Art Investigations also specializes in George Caleb Bingham portraits.


The vision of Fine Arts Investigations is to to heighten appreciation of the artistic, historic and economic value of 19th century American portraits through professional art research and writing.

  • Professional Art Research
    Jacob Eichholtz, Julia Anna Marion Prosser (Mrs. Richard Bland Lee II) (1805-1886) ca. 1825
    Oil on Canvas, 30 x 25 inches
    Private Collection


The mission of Fine Arts Investigations is to provide clients with professional art history services in an approachable manner


The goals of Fine Arts Investigations are to:

  • Correctly identify artists of 19th century American portraits by successfully blending outstanding research skills, connoisseurship, and technological tools into a comprehensive system of portrait artist identification
  • Tell the stories behind the portraits
  • Research the stories behind George Caleb Bingham portraits and through those stories to write of the origins and implications of the Midwestern Identity


  • Artist identifications range from:
    • Low-cost non-binding, emailed attribution statements for $150  to
    • Hard-bound, color illustrated report of documented, replicable research for up to $1,500
  • Consultations and Other Research – $15o per hour
  • Brokering, when there is no conflict of interest:
    • Private sale 20% commision
    • Public sale 10% commission

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