George Caleb Bingham

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Fine Art Investigations is devoted to preserving the legacy of George Caleb Bingham (1811-1879). Since 1999, Fine Art Investigations has:

  • Located nearly 70 “lost” Bingham Portraits, an ongoing accomplishment. The Smithsonian’s Research and Scholars’ Center wrote of her as the Bingham Lady
  • Developed a chronology of George Caleb Bingham’s life
  • Written a biographical summary of the life of the artist
  • Created lists and links to George Caleb Bingham’s paintings
  • Identified “new” Bingham portraits through replicable research, including:
    • Dates of execution through clothing and hairstyles by comparisons with fashion  plates and dated portraits
    • Documentation that the lives of the artist and the subject intersected
    • Connoisseurship with Bingham portraits from the same time period, including comparison with examples from the work of his students and colleagues
    • Consultation with other Bingham scholars
    • Scientific analysis as needed
    • Compiled the stories/ histories of the people portrayed by George Caleb Bingham  for a book in progress that gives a new historical perspective through his life and the lives of his subjects.

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