Examples of Portrait Subject Identification

Portrait subject identification is an especially gratifying task because restoring the names of ancestors brings special pleasure to portrait owners.

Alfred Boisseau, Nathan Ball Bradley (probably), 1886

Alfred Boisseau, Nathan Ball Bradley, 1886
Oil on Canvas, 30 x 25 inches

Nathan Ball Bradley (probably) by Alfred Boisseau (1823-1901) (signed [deciphered] and dated). This portrait descended through the family until later generations forgot the name of their ancestor. This fine portrait by Parisian-trained artist Alfred Boisseau, through genealogical research, proved to be the first mayor of Bay City, Michigan, Nathan Ball Bradley (1831-1906).

Portrait Subject Identification

Lady in Red





The investigation of  five heirloom family portraits began in colonial Virginia, led to patriots of the Revolutionary War, segued to Philadelphia and then over to the lead mines of Missouri. Fine Art Investigations restored the identities of all five artists — and the one forgotten ancestor. Her story, and her name, can be found in Lady in Red


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