George Caleb Bingham Portraits

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Fine Art Investigations is devoted to preserving the artistic and historic legacy of George Caleb Bingham Portraits. Since 1999, the principal of  Fine Arts Investigations, Patricia Moss, has:


  • Found nearly 70 “lost” George Caleb Bingham Portraits — a still ongoing task that gained her the nickname, the Bingham Lady
  • Curated George Caleb Bingham: Witness to History, (September 2013 –), Jackson County Art Museum, Independence, Missouri.
  • As one several guest curators, outlined the Bingham Bicentennial Exhibit, Steamboats to Steam Engines: George Caleb Bingham’s Missouri: 1819-1879, (March 10-September 8, 2011) at the Truman Presidential Museum, Independence, Missouri
  • Brokers sales of previously known George Caleb Bingham portraits to Bingham collectors


  • Identifies re-discovered Bingham portraits with replicable research:
    • Verifiable dates of execution
    • Documentation that the lives of the artist and the subject intersected at the date of execution
    • Comparative analysis with not only Bingham portraits, but also the work of his students, colleagues, and other artists in the region at the same time
    • Consultation with other Bingham scholars
    • Scientific analysis as needed
  • Compiles the stories/ histories of the people portrayed by George Caleb Bingham  for a book in progress to give a new historical perspective through the artist’s life and the lives of his subjects. Some of the Stories Behind the Portraits can be found in blogs on this site.

Still Lost

If you have a George Caleb Bingham portrait or a question concerning a possible Bingham portrait, please contact Fine Art Investigations at

Museums and historical societies recommend Fine Art Investigations for research on George Caleb Bingham portraits.

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