Lost George Caleb Bingham Portraits

Found Re-Discovered

With each George Caleb Bingham portrait lost, the artistic and historic legacy of America diminishes. If you know the location of portraits listed below, please contact Fine Art Investigations or the Smithsonian’s Inventory of American Paintings.
Following the video is a complete listing of George Caleb Bingham’s lost portraits.


Judge Washington Adams, 1832

Judge Washington Adams, 1878

Mrs. James H. (Eliza Rollins) Bennett, 1849

Eliza K. Thomas (Mrs. George Caleb Bingham), 1850

George Caleb Bingham, Sleeping Child (Horace Bingham), 1844

Mrs. William Broadwell ,1878

William Broadwell, 1878

Miss Judith Coleman, 1876

Colonel Joseph Davis, 1839

Henry Watkins Ewing, 1870

John Glanville, 1845

Elizabeth McClanahan (Mrs. John Harrison), 1839

Miss Sarah Ann Hickman, 1850

Cornelia Ann Bryan (Mrs. David McClanahan Hickman), 1855

Susan C. Howard (Mrs. Isaac Hockaday) and daughter Susan Hockaday, 1859

Joseph Baldwin Howard, 1859

Sarah Cunningham (Mrs. Joseph Baldwin Howard), 1859

Andrew Jackson, 1860

Katherine Stith (Mrs. James Jones), 1839

Fanny Kemble, 1835

Joseph Tabor Keyte, 1859

Captain Sinclair Kirtley, 1849

Laura Ellen Ware Neill (Mrs. George Koontz), 1870

Dr. Samuel Spahr Laws, 1878

Anna Maria Broadwell Doubleday (Mrs. Samuel Spahr Laws), 1878

General Nathaniel Lyon, 1865

Cyrus Marsh, 1837

Isabella (Mrs. Cyrus Marsh), 1837

John Jerome Mastin, Jr., 1871

Judge Matthias McGirk, 1835

Washington McLean, 1860

Colonel Granville Craddock Medley, 1848

Henry Miller, 1835

James Lawrence Minor, 1844

Louisa Maria Goode Smith (Mrs. James Lawrence Minor, 1846

Miss Nadine Nelson, 1870

John Fontaine Nicolds, 1838

Mrs. John Fontaine Nicolds, 1838

A Child of Mrs. John Henry Overall, 1878

(Joseph or) James Quisenberry, Portrait of a Man, 1840

Portrait of a Young Woman, 1877

Richard Henry Robinson, 1838

Captain James Hickman Rollins, 1879

George Bingham Rollins, 1879

Eulalie Bowman (Mrs. James Hickman Rollins), 1879

Eliza Cheves Pulliam (Mrs. Thomas Shackelford), 1838

Col. Joseph Lafayette Stephens, 1876

Colonel Caleb Smith Stone, 1837

William Joel Stone, 1869

Captain William Daniel Swinney, 1839

Lucy Ann Jones (Mrs. William Daniel Swinney), 1839

Dr. James Bennett Thomas, 1852

Robert Tyler, 1844

Charles Anderson Wickliffe, 1843

Josiah Woodson Wilson, 1835

Dr. Archibald Logan Young, 1860



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