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Jeremiah Pearson Hardy

Jeremiah Pearson Hardy (1800-1887), an American artist not well-known outside Maine, created this simple yet striking portrait of his sister Mary Ann in 1821 when she was 12 and he was 21.  He soon would leave for Boston, and later New York, … Continue reading

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An Opera Singer’s Digestion and an Art Bully’s Tactics

George L. Stout, conservator with Harvard’s Fogg Museum of Art in the 1920s, first articulated the three-legged stool approach to art authentication when connoisseurship alone was the standard. Questioning a connoisseur’s opinion, “was as naughty as inquiring about the digestive … Continue reading

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Finding the Artist of the Portrait Miniature – Part 2

In earlier blogs I introduced the Portrait Miniature, dated it Summer 1840-1842, discussed choice of region, and acknowledged my indebtedness to the work of Edna Talbot Whitley.  Now, with the Bingham exhibit opened, it is time to return to finding the artist who painted the little … Continue reading

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Dating the Portrait Miniature

To determine when an artwork was created – in this case, the portrait miniature — we analyze and compare clothing and hairstyles with fashion plates, photographs and other portraits with known dates.  Surprisingly, men’s clothing is usually easier to date than women’s. Men who commission … Continue reading

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The Inspiration…can scarcely be overestimated

A friend recently alerted us that a bookseller requested a “Bingham expert.” When we replied, we found the bookseller had found the signature, “Geo. Bingham” in an inscription in James Orton’s The Proverbialist and the Poet, published in 1853 by … Continue reading

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