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George Calder Eichbaum , Lily Tomlin, and Genre Interpretation

George Calder Eichbaum, whose work is often mistaken for George Caleb Bingham and an artist for whom I have advocated, finally received his due Continue reading

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Jeremiah Pearson Hardy

Jeremiah Pearson Hardy (1800-1887), an American artist not well-known outside Maine, created this simple yet striking portrait of his sister Mary Ann in 1821 when she was 12 and he was 21.  He soon would leave for Boston, and later New York, … Continue reading

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Charles Loring Elliott (1812-1868)

Charles Loring Elliott “was as widely loved and admired for his geniality and kindness as he was respected for his artistic excellence. He also was well known for his fondness of drink.”[1] In 1846, Elliott’s friend Henry Inman (1801-1846), New … Continue reading

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Another Conant?

Not long after we completed our work on Alban Jasper Conant with the Portrait of Woman of Strong Character, an art collector asked me to determine if a portrait of two children could be the lost painting, “Group, Two Young Girls,” 1839/40, by George … Continue reading

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Who Was Alban Jasper Conant?

Alban Jasper Conant, the artist of Woman of Strong Character, was a triple A polymath – an artist, an archaeologist, and an anthropologist. As an artist, he painted a president, a war hero, judges, legislators, and members of prominent families. His … Continue reading

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