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Subject of Her Own Life: Sarah Goodridge

Artist Sarah Goodridge’s Self-Portrait at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston was simply part of some routine research.  But it gave me pause. Was this the pose and attitude of an antebellum spinster? Not like any I had seen before. … Continue reading

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Introduction The second of five family portraits in search of an artist was Woman in Red. The owner thought the subject might be Elizabeth (Eliza) Collins Lee (1768-1858). The first step toward learning the name of the artist and the subject was to find … Continue reading

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The art investigation into the life of Lilian dePeyster Post Pulsford Walker clarified why such a lovely portrait was sent to the auction block as a painting by an unknown artist, but had not revealed the artist. I returned to … Continue reading

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Jeremiah Pearson Hardy

Jeremiah Pearson Hardy (1800-1887), an American artist not well-known outside Maine, created this simple yet striking portrait of his sister Mary Ann in 1821 when she was 12 and he was 21.  He soon would leave for Boston, and later New York, … Continue reading

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Stories Behind the Portraits: Ruth McCarty (Mrs. Ephraim Allison)

Ruth McCarty was born on April 7, 1844, in Saline County,Missouri.  At the age of 24, 0n 28 May 1868, she married Captain Ephraim Allison, 32, a Confederate veteran of the Civil War.  They honeymooned at the J. Huston Tavern … Continue reading

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The Most Popular Item…

The most popular item in the exhibition, George Caleb Bingham: Witness to History, at the Jackson County Art Museum in the Truman Courthouse in Independence, Missouri, was the original brooch worn by Mary Snell (Mrs. Priestly Haggin McBride.)  The brooch is … Continue reading

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Finding the Artist of the Portrait Miniature – Part 2

In earlier blogs I introduced the Portrait Miniature, dated it Summer 1840-1842, discussed choice of region, and acknowledged my indebtedness to the work of Edna Talbot Whitley.  Now, with the Bingham exhibit opened, it is time to return to finding the artist who painted the little … Continue reading

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Finding the Artist of the Portrait Miniature – Part I

In an earlier blog we dated the portrait miniature Summer 1840- 1842.  The next question in finding the artist of the portrait miniature is: where? Hundreds of artists painted portraits in the United States during those years.  How could we narrow down the … Continue reading

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