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Judge Priestly McBride: Is a middle name important?

The name of the subject of the George Caleb Bingham portrait, Judge Priestly Haggin McBride, always struck me as one of the most robust of names.  Each word is strong and memorable. Said as a trio they explode with power. In December … Continue reading

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Stories Behind the Portraits: Judge Priestly H. McBride

Judge Priestly McBride was known as a fair judge. He was a staunch Democrat but refrained from politics while he on the bench. He was also known as “an earnest man of strong convictions, strong prejudices and strong attachments, jovial in his disposition, and of undoubted personal integrity.” Continue reading

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The Most Popular Item…

The most popular item in the exhibition, George Caleb Bingham: Witness to History, at the Jackson County Art Museum in the Truman Courthouse in Independence, Missouri, was the original brooch worn by Mary Snell (Mrs. Priestly Haggin McBride.)  The brooch is … Continue reading

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